The Team



Cristina Clopatofsky

Cristina is an international last year student doing Economics (Hons) at The University of Glasgow. As a Coordinator she hopes GEF 2017 will encourage debate on various contemporary issues in economics. Her interest in the Forum was prompted by her involvement since 2015 and her interest in Development Economics.


Pia Andres

Pia is in her final year studying economics. She has been involved in organizing the Glasgow Economic Forum since it was launched in 2014, and has served as marketing officer and academic team leader prior to being elected coordinator. Her goal is to make the conference as inclusive, pluralist and educational as possible, and she hopes that GEF will remain a forum for varied and constructive discussion on economic issues in the future.


Kasia Samsel

Having found her experience as a team leader for GEF 2016 very rewarding, Kasia is excited to take up the coordinator position this year. She is a fourth year Economics student, keen to find real-life applications to the theories she learnt during her studies at the University of Glasgow. She hopes that by inviting first-class economists to the forum, the audience will be able to gain new perspectives on the everyday economic issues we hear about in the news. Together with the fantastic team, she will help organize the upcoming forum in the hopes of gaining a deeper understanding of economic growth and its consequences.



Iva Parvanova

Iva is a third year Economics student. This is the second time she is part of the Organizing team for GEF. Her goal as an Academic Team Leader this year is to ensure that GEF remains a discussion platform for different theories and ideologies to be presented and contested.


Joakim Book Jönsson

Joakim is a fourth-year student, doing a joint honours in Economics and Economic & Social History. He runs the blog 'Life of an Econ Student' ( and spends most of his time discussing all things economics-related. He takes an Austrian approach to economic study and has attended the Mises University in the U.S. His inspiration for GEF and the Academic Team is fuelled by an urge to understand economic events and thinking, both now and in the past.


Juan Pedro Castro

Juan Pedro was so so impressed by what he heard and learned as an attendee at the Glasgow Economic Forum 2016 that he just had to get involved. This is his second year at the University of Glasgow as an Economics and Politics student and he will be helping organise the forum as a member of the Academic team.


Piotr Wójcik

Piotr is in the fourth year of his undergraduate degree in Economics and Sociology. He is very passionate about current issues in Economics and other social sciences, and, as a member of the academic team, he is motivated to make sure that GEF 2017 provides a comprehensive platform for a stimulating academic debate.



Julia Bambach

Julia is in her fourth year of pursuing a degree in Law and Business &Management. Having been a Student Ambassador for last year’s conference, she is now overjoyed to join GEF as Marketing Team Leader and hopes to make GEF an even better experience.


Duy Hieu Le

Duy Hieu is a third year Computer Science student. Despite the fact that his degree has little to do with Economics, he has found interest in the subject as it provides him a better understanding of how the world functions. After attending GEF 2016 and thoroughly enjoying it, he has decided to join the marketing team with the hopes to make the conference an even better experience than it was last year.


Demetris Kakaris

Demetris is a 3rd year Economics and Sociology student who after the success of GEF last year was encouraged to help the team behind the scenes. Being a sociology student, he acknowledges the need for varied academic perspectives and considers GEF an excellent place for students of all disciplines to attend and develop more holistic outlooks. Demetris is now part of the marketing team and is aiming to facilitate an even larger audience for this year’s conference.


Karolina Westin

Karolina is a second year Economic and Mathematics student. She is deeply interested in current economical issues, many which were discussed during last year’s conference. This inspired her to join the Marketing Team to help make GEF 2017 as educational and engaging as possible.


Amalia Charlotte Pape

Amalia is a 2nd year Economics and Geography student who joined GEF this year as Student Ambassador. She is interested in solving economic issues in sustainable ways, without exploiting limited resources to an increasing population. She is excited to be part of the team and hope the forum will stimulate a good debate on contemporary issues.



Jurga Izabele

Jurga is a fourth year Economics and Business&Management student. She think that GEF is an excellent way to discuss the real-life situations and issues that can be related to many, such as Brexit. Therefore, in her role as logistics team leader, she is looking forward to doing her best to make GEF as exciting and informative as possible.


Angela Denore

Angela is a 4th year maths and econ student. Honoured and excited to be part of GEF. It is thanks to projects like these, with their noble yet critical aspirations, that she looks forward to a future in the discipline.


Victoria Karpuzova

Victoria is a 3rd year Business Economics student who joins GEF as a member oft the Logistics Team. The Glasgow Economic Forum provides attendees with different perspectives on the economic world and it brings people with similar viewpoints together, enriching their knowledge of economics and finance. The opportunity to network and learn something new from the reputable speakers, specializing in various areas of study, is another benefit GEF grants. For all these reasons, Victoria is proud to be a part of the organizing team of such a remarkable event.



Riccardo Parola

Riccardo is a 4th year Economics and Business & Management student. He is the Finance Team Leader for GEF 2017 and his aim is to ensure that the project is a success again. He has chosen this role because of his deep interest in finance and in order to promote the Economics discipline within the wider population.


Michalina Żelaznowska

Michalina is a second year Economics and Business and Management student. Her interest in Economics prompted her to want to learn more about this subject outside of the course books. After participating in GEF 2016, she decided to join the Finance team to help in organizing an even more successful Forum this year.