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Thank you for attending the 2017 conference. See you next year!
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"Discuss, exchange and gain insights into the world of economics"

A conference for students passionate about Economics and those eager to explore more!

Glasgow Economic Forum (GEF) is an annual conference initiated and entirely organized by students of the University of Glasgow, created to fill a demand to learn more about economics outside of the textbooks. With world-renowned speakers from various disciplines, the conference is packed with ideas, discussions and fascinating insights into the world of economics and related fields. Take this fantastic opportunity to meet like-minded people, who together with YOU will create and impact the future of economics.

After two successful conferences in 2015 and 2016, we are proud to have welcomed up to 200 attendees from all over Europe in Glasgow. Student groups from universities from all over the United Kingdom have started organizing independent trips to attend the forum. It is now time to make the third GEF event planned to take place in March 2017 with a focus on development and growth, even better.




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If you are interested in sponsoring GEF next year, please contact us by emailing finance@glasgoweconomicforum.org