Conference 2018

"Globalisation: One World, One Economy?"

GEF 2018: Globalisation – one world, one economy? The 2018 edition will hold lectures and discussions on the topic of globalisation from an economic perspective. Our audience will be invited to look back and study the phenomenon as it has developed over the last decades, the forces driving it, and how it has affected economies worldwide. We want to critically examine its dimensions in the contemporary economic climate - what does a globalised economy imply? Who are the winners and losers of today’s economic frameworks? How does globalisation shape domestic policy and, more importantly, people’s lives? Then we will dare to look forward. Based on recent trends, what developments can we expect in the coming years and decades? Can reforms influence these developments and, if so, should they? As always, we wish to embark on a pluralistic, interdisciplinary, and insightful discussion.