The Team


Michalina Zelaznowska

Michalina is a 3rd year Economics and Business and Management student. After participating in GEF first as an attendee in 2016, and then as a Finance Team member in 2017, Michalina is excited at the opportunity to take upon the role of Coordinator. She hopes that the 2018 Forum will allow the audience to gain new perspectives on globalisation and possible viable alternatives.

Iva Parvanova

Iva Parvanova is a final year Economics student. She has served as part of the Academic team of GEF for the past two years. As a Coordinator she aims to ensure that the Forum remains a discussion platform for different theories and ideologies to be presented and contested.

Riccardo Parola

Riccardo is a postgraduate student doing his Masters in Corporate Governance & Accountability, with an undergraduate degree in Economics and Business & Management. He was the Finance Team Leader for GEF 2017 and has decided to take up the role of Coordinator to keep contributing to this growing and exciting event. His goal is to spread the interest in the economics discipline within the wider public and to increase the audience’s knowledge of important issues such as globalisation.


Juan Pedro Castro Baeza

Juan Pedro is a third year Economics and Politics student. Eager for knowledge and understanding he attended GEF 2016 as a first year student and has since been a passionate collaborator. He is confident of the need and space for deep economic debate and pluralism and proud of the work GEF does to this end.

Mauro Dellisanti

Mauro is in his final year studying economics. After participating in GEF 2017, he decided to join the academic team of GEF 2018. Passionate about globalisation, free trade, and free movement, Mauro is particularly interested in the consequences of ageing population and in China’s development as economic superpower. His goal is to make the conference even more pluralist and engaging. He is eager to give a valuable contribution in creating engaging debates.

Pablo Pastor

Pablo is a postgraduate student doing a Master’s in Economics, Banking and Finance. Heterodox views of the economy have always interested him and more particularly Post-Keynesianism and the stock-flow consistent approach to the economy. He hopes to attract inspiring lecturers who will spark passionate debates between different schools of thoughts. His goal is to promote the understanding of economics as a much debated field where the general public has a role to play. The GEF might be the perfect occasion for academics and an interested audience to share and discuss.

Tomas Dvorak

Tomas is a 4th year Economics student just coming off his year abroad at Universita Bocconi in Milan. It was that exchange year, especially courses in Advanced Macroeconomics and History of Economic Thought that brought him into the deep, muddy and sometimes even exciting waters of academic economics. Being a staunch admirer of Keynes (also having attended GEF 2016), it is only appropriate for him to be helping to organize a conference aiming at introducing pluralism to economic thinking and to challenge the mainstream theories.

Marek Bojko

Marek is in his second year studying for a joint degree in Mathematics and Economics. As a member of the Academic Team, he is excited to make GEF 2018 an engaging forum full of inspiring, thought-provoking ideas on one of the most appealing economic issues, globalisation. He is delighted to contribute to the conference and he hopes to enrich the knowledge of wider audience by exposing them to different economic perspectives and pluralism of thought.


Duy Hieu Le

Hieu is in his fourth year of pursuing a degree in Computer Science. Previously a member of the marketing team, he has decided to take up the role of the Marketing Leader for GEF 2018 to help the conference to grow even larger than previous years. Despite the differing nature of his degree, he has always put great interest in the inner-workings of the world such as economics. With that in mind Hieu hopes to reach out to people beyond the academic field of economics and make the conference an even better experience.

Ethan Green

Ethan is a final year Economics and Management student. Having attended the conference for the first time in 2017, he was inspired by the overall quality of the event to chip in with the Marketing Team and make the 2018 forum an ever greater platform for diverse perspectives on economics.

Demetris Kakaris

Demetris is a fourth year Economics and Sociology student. This is his second consecutive year on the marketing team promoting the conference. He considers the forum an excellent platform for inclusive, pluralist debate for contemporary economic issues.

Karolina Westin

Karolina is a third year Economics student who participated as a Marketing team member during GEF 2017. She believes that it is important to provide a platform to discuss economic issues through many different perspectives, and believes that GEF has been a success in this so far. Karolina is therefore proud to be a part of GEF 2018 and hopes to help make it as educational and engaging as possible.

Olga Cieslak

Olga is a final year Business & Management student. Having vast experience in Marketing, she hopes to, together with the Marketing team, make GEF 2018 the best one yet. Having a real interest in global business, she is keen to learn more about the important changes taking place in the (de)globalised world today. Along the way, Olga is excited to share her passions with like minded people, and inspire others to participate.


Marius Vinickis

Marius is in his final year of undergraduate studies in Computing Science. Having participated in GEF 2017 as an immediate team member, he expressed his interest in the role of Logistics Leader for GEF 2018. He believes that a combination of passion, creativity and teamwork is the key that drives this innovative event forward. Marius aims to further support the environment that stems remarkable ideas and discussions by improving the experience of the attendees and organization of the conference itself to an even higher extent.

Claire Marston

Claire is a final year Business and Management student. After attending the GEF for the first time in 2017, she was excited to join the organisers in the logistics team. Claire is particularly interested in globalization and regional economic development and is looking forward to bringing this passion to the 2018 organising team. She is hoping that this, combined with her organisational skills, will help to make next year’s conference the best one yet.

Etaine Lamy

Etaine is a junior Honours Economics student. Impressed by the quality of the Glasgow Economic Forum 2017 and its thought-provoking speakers, she decided to get involved. She hopes to contribute into strengthening GEF’s position as one of the most inspiring student-run economics forum that will continue to spark passionate and informed debates.


Brent Prewett

Brent is a fourth year Economics & Politics student. He believes the greatest strength of Economics as a discipline is the wide breadth of ideas and explanations of the most minuscule of human interaction to actions on an international and global scale. His goal at GEF is to establish for Economists a pilgrimage to Glasgow to present, discuss, and debate the most pressing economic issues of our time..

Monika Kownacka

Monika is a final year student of Business & Management and French. Inspired by the engaging discussions on economic issues in GEF in previous years, she is delighted to join the Finance team for GEF 2018. Monika is motivated to utilise her financial knowledge and skills to help organise an even more successful Forum this year.